The Independent Group

Year of the Rooster

Invitation and branding for the New York Philharmonic’s annual Chinese New Year Gala.

NY PHIL Biennial

This playfully-designed tabloid newspaper was the one of several components created for the New York Philharmonic’s second biennial.

PLOT: Launch

Posters from past launch parties for the City College Graduate Program in Landscape Architecture’s annual journal.

PLOT: Vol. 1-6

Each issue of PLOT explores a particular theme, which is examined through critical essays and studio explorations. The cover and promotional materials of each issue feature a piece of land art from the not-so-distant past.

A More Just New York City

A report published by the The Independent Commission on New York City Criminal Justice and Incarceration Reform, which calls for dramatic change, including the closing of the Rikers Island jail.

Design Trust for Public Space

The invitation design for the Design Trust’s tenth-annual Art + Design Benefit Auction fundraiser unfolded into a poster that offered a kaleidoscopic view of organization’s flagship projects.

Gowntown: A 197X Plan for Upper Manhattan

Book design for Terreform’s study of the impact of Columbia University’s expansion, coupled with a visionary collection of proposals that radically bridge the traditional (and hostile) divide between town and gown.

The Helsinki Effect: Public Alternatives to the Guggenheim Model of Culture-Driven Development

This book documents The Next Helsinki, an alternative design competition for the chosen site of the Guggenheim Museum’s next expansion. This volume, edited by Terike Haapoja, Andrew Ross, and Michael Sorkin, includes essays by leading urbanists, artists, and architects about the competition and the principles that inspired it.

Beyond the Square

This book focuses on the urban spatial dynamics of the mass protest movements that convulsed the Arab region since December 2010, shifting attention away from public squares to consider the broader urban context in which the uprisings unfolded.

Occupy All Streets: Olympic Urbanism and Contested Futures in Rio de Janeiro

This volume analyzes the implications of mega-projects connected to Rio's transformation for the 2016 Olympic Games, and offers critical insights for other cities experiencing wide-ranging challenges and facing far-reaching urban reforms. 

Mahometan & Celestial's Encyclopædic Guide to Modernity

This compendium of expeditionary reports, exhibited artifacts, and concise aphoristic parables charts nearly a half century’s aggregate experience in the fields of natural history and metropolitan geography—with firm conviction that the early 21st Century is the new late 19th Century.

David Sokol

The business card of design critic David Sokol takes on the form of an ex libris.

Variance Objects

Branding and catalogue design for a jewelry line that explores materials and relationship dynamics.

The Pilobolus Ball

A rainbow foil-stamped invitation of the acclaimed dance theater organization’s annual fundraiser.


Newsprint poster for Quantcast’s Measure for Mobile product launch, distributed at developer conferences and trade shows. 

Mario Batali Foundation

Invitation design and branding for the MBF’s annual charity dinners and celebrity golf events.